For lots of women an ovarian cyst causes a great deal of discomfort and pain. In fact, it’s not unusual for a woman to seek emergency medical care when she first feels the all encompassing pain which can accompany a cyst in the ovary. Unfortunately, once a diagnosis has been made and you know the cyst is non-cancerous you’re generally told to take a wait to see attitude. Nearly all ovarian cysts will eventually break up on their own. Meanwhile the woman has to suffer through bouts of severe discomfort.
The great news is that if you are coping with this right now there are several ovarian cyst treatments which will help to alleviate the symptoms and listed below are a few of them:

Use of heat

Many women state they find a good deal of pain relief from their cyst through heat. The easiest way to do this is with a good traditional heating pad. Set the pad to a medium setting and then put it next to your lower back and relax. It’s also possible to find some relief by soaking in a nice warm tub of water.

Wait and watch

Consult a medical doctor immediately if the symptoms starts to show in your body. It is important to confirm the diagnosis before starting with any kind of medication. Once you are diagnosed with cysts on ovaries, wait patiently for three months and see the development of the cyst. This step should be followed in case you are in reproductive age and has only a fluid filled cyst. Repeat the ultra sound after ninety days and see the changes in the size of the growth.

Eat salad

Specific foods can be helpful in reducing pain. The foods you want to search for are ones that are considered natural diuretics, and this happens to include lots of vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. So eat a salad every single day. You won’t just be eating healthy, but you’ll be getting ovarian cyst pain relief.

Sipping some tea

Sipping some tea was proved to be an effective remedy for ovarian cyst abdominal pain too. The kind of tea matters though as you don’t want to drink plain tea which is laden with caffeine. Try a raspberry leaf tea or a mint tea. Both provide soothing qualities that are valuable in terms of taking the edge off the pain you may be experiencing. Brew up a cup each and every morning and indulge in a few throughout the day as well. You will be thankful you did once you see the change in the level of pain you are feeling.

There is an alternative way for treating the symptoms of an ovarian cyst by doing it naturally with specific special diets and herbal solutions. Doing it naturally rather than just waiting for your re-examination or experiencing side effects and going through surgical procedure can help prevent future pain and shrink the cyst. Moreover, with natural treatment it’s also possible for you to eliminate Ovarian cysts fast and safely. Check out my review on Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets if you are looking for a natural and proven treatment plan for ovarian cysts.